Configure GPS tracker TK103-2B

GSM antenna plug.
Sim card slot.
Button for Sim card extraction.
Microphone Jack.
GPS antenna plug.
Movement sensor plug.
Plug for power cables and Accessories.
GPS indicator LED – GSM and on.
Swich for backup battery
MicroSD memory card entry
Connection to charge battery by micro USB

1. Connections and installation in the vehicle’s electrical system.
Insert the wiring harness with the assignment of the connections in the slots in the correct way.
To identify and cut the fuel pump’s current or fuel supply, the red wire connects to the engine. Connect the yellow wire with the other tip that is left alone, (the relay attached to the equipment must be used).
The cables, red and black of the harness are the power cables of the equipment. The red wire must connect directly to the positive of the vehicle, and the black wire to the negative of the vehicle.
The SOS panic button cables are installed directly with the device.
The cables of the reset button are installed directly with the device.
For the connection of door openings and the activation type if it is positive or negative, connect the blue cable. If the green wire is negative, if it is positive, it is connected directly to the door button. This allows that when opening any door the siren is activated if the alarm was activated.
White wire connect to ACC of the switch.
The orange wire connect it to the positive of the siren.
Insert the internal microphone monitor into the monitor jack on the computer.
Installation diagram and short current


2. Installing the SIM card.
Please make sure that the SIM card is able to execute the function of displaying the incoming calls. Calls can not be diverted and must not have a PIN code.
Press the button to remove the tray and insert the SIM card then push it carefully.


3. Connection of the power cables.
Connect the red and black 12 V or 24 V power supply cables to the vehicle’s power system. Check that the connections of the GSM and GPS antennas are properly connected, then turn on the device with the on / off switch.
At this moment it turns on the indicator LED in red, the indicator of the GSM network begins to blink, in 10 or 30 seconds the unit will start working and acquires the GSM signal and will flash every 3 seconds. The GPS signal will show it in green and will remain fixed.